Monday, April 19, 2010

Treasure Hunt, John Lescroart


Mickey Dade hates deskwork, but that's all he's been doing at Wyatt Hunt's private investigative service, The Hunt Club. His itch to be active is answered when a body is discovered: It's Dominic Como, one of San Francisco's most high-profile activists—a charismatic man known as much for his expensive suits as his work on half a dozen nonprofit boards. One "person of interest" in the case is Como's business associate, Alicia Thorpe—young, gorgeous, and the sister of one of Mickey's friends.

As Mickey and Hunt are pulled into the case, they soon learn that the city's golden fund-raiser was involved in some highly suspect deals. And the lovely Alicia knows more about this—and more about Como—than she's letting on.


Sara's Review:

I'm a big fan of John Lescroart's Dismas Hardy series. I've read nearly every one over the course of the last few years. So I was excited to read one of the books in his newest series, The Hunt Club.

Sadly, I was disappointed. As interesting as the Hardy series is, The Hunt Club is equally as uninteresting. I didn't find any of the characters particularly moving or dimensional and the entire premise of the book is shaky at best. The writing tries to hard to throw you off the trail of the 'real' killer and in the end, the resolution (if you can call it that) is disappointing and predictable.

Not Lescroart's best showing in my humble opinion. If you've never read him, don't dismiss him all together - just stick with the Hardy series and be glad you didn't get your invitation to the Hunt Club.

Grade: F

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