Wednesday, June 9, 2010

61 Hours, Lee Child


savage snowstorm and a tour bus crash land Reacher in the middle of South Dakota—unprepared. For the snow, that is. But he’s ready, as only he can be, to risk his life to protect a courageous witness. If she’s going to live long enough to testify, she needs his help. There's a killer headed straight for her and he'll be in town soon...or maybe he’s already there...

Sara's Review:

For anyone who is looking for a series of books to read, you can't go wrong with Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. I've been reading them for several years and got my famously anti-reading husband hooked on them as well. 61 Hours is the 14th book in this series of stand-alone stories about an ex-military wanderer named Jack Reacher, who's a cross between James Bond and Jack Ryan.

The latest book came out the Tuesday before our vacation and we fought over who would get to read it first. As soon as my father-in-law realized we had it, he was bugging us to both to read faster so he could have his turn too!

The story is a bit slow, as the whole thing unfolds over a short 61 hour time period (shocker, right? HA!). My husband complained that there were too many descriptions of the snow, but for someone who loves to read, I found Child's many descriptions of the South Dakota winter beautifully written.

This one is hard to review without giving away too much of the plot, so I'll just say this: there was something I loved, something I totally hated, a baddie that I didn't see coming until just a few pages before and an ending that leaves you holding your breath.

Bet you want to borrow it from me now too, don'tcha?

Grade: A

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Beth in Austin said...

Always looking for a new series too. I may have to check the library for this one...Another good Jack Ryan/James Bond is Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt....But Dirk tends to be a bit over the top.

Thanks so much for the review!